tiny urls for Kindle downloads

You can now enter a tiny url in the Kindle browser to quickly download any title you see on the RetroRead website. (Users already have the ability to access www.retroread.com from their browsers and get a ‘dumbed down for Kindle browser’ experience where they can search the library or browse the 100 most recently converted titles.)

If you find a title (by any path) on the RetroRead site and display its “details” page, you will see a very short url of the form rr2.mobi/xyz, where xyz are a three-character code specific to the title. The book will immediately start downloading to the Kindle when the url is entered in the Kindle’s browser.

I thought using the .mobi top level domain was highly apropos given that these are “mobi” files, and it allowed me to snag a short three-letter domain name (there are no four letter domains available in .com now I believe).

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  1. david says:

    OOPS, just noticed this seems to be broken … stay tuned for fix.


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