Bringing it all back home

Print and ebooks go together — someday, when I purchase a print book at the bookstore, the clerk will ask “oh, and would you like the ebook with that too? It’s only another 15%.” If I say yes, it will update through my store loyalty program, and I’ll receive the ebook in my reader library.

… Meanwhile, we can now offer the reverse at RetroRead: when you download your (free) converted ebook for the Kindle, you can also quickly add a print copy, if one is found. Every day, we update our library and if we can find a copy of a title in the inventory of used and rare book online merchant Alibris, we make a note of this and add a link to the title next to the download link.

I’m not in love with the layout (maybe too busy), but I do think the feature is neat. Plus, through our participation in the Alibris affiliate network, your purchases help the free service at RetroRead.

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