Reintroducting GoodMountain Books

A while ago I launched a series of public domain titles under the imprint “GoodMountain Books”. The content was all sourced from Project Gutenberg and the Gutenberg trademark is used to identify them. They are meant to be higher quality renditions of the titles broadly available through Amazon, often with generally inferior formatting and other production quality issues.

Anyway, the series has more or less languished with too agressive pricing amid the glut of free and $0.99 editions … so, if you can’t beat them, join them. Introducing GoodMountain Press editions for $0.99! (As soon as Amazon can update the prices, that is)(Search for them here). BTW, Project Gutenberg gets a 10% royalty on my cut from Amazon.

BTW, “Gutenberg” is German for “Good Mountain!”

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