Been Busy: Front Matter Images optional (soon)

I’m putting finishing touches on a new feature to allow users who are converting books to review and edit all of the “front matter” images that are included in a Google epub.

Google’s process inserts more or less all of the front matter pages as page-size images up to the point where the text proper of the book starts. While this gives a more “book-like” experience on a desktop reader, it’s downright cumbersome on a device like the Kindle, as you need to page through to get to the start of the text.

Some of the pages such as the title page, dedications, or frontspieces are worth including in the converted mobi file; others are blank, endpapers (sometimes interesting), copyright pages, or just junk.

Anyway, hope to make this live soon, but meanwhile, am uploading a number of books which have already been edited on-line as part of the upload process.

Probably not for everyone, but a little effort will make the book nicer for everyone …

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