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The latest new feature at is the ability for anyone — unregistered users, that is — to access any of the latest (latest being up to the most recent 100 converted titles) books by downloading them directly to their computer, rather than (by registering) emailing them directly to their Kindles.  An easy way to “take a peek” without the bother (commitment?) of registering, especially if you have the Kindle reader installed on your desktop.  (Haven’t installed the new Mac version on my “day job” Mac yet, but will soon, meanwhile, use it on my Windows laptop.)

I’ve had this in the back of my mind all along, but initially held off for concern of too much download traffic swamping the conversion engine … eventually I will move all of the converted content to Amazon’s S3 storage, but right now, they’re just piling up on the block store.  Anyway, given the rather “slow” ramp of the site, I’ve tossed that particular concern over.  With AWS, scale is really never a problem, as long as I can stay one step ahead.

… and there was a little flurry of registration during the brief window in which an entry for RetroRead had been available on the Wikipedia Kindle page in their “Content Sources” section.  Unfortunately, some no doubt right minded but IMO anyway, slightly more zealous than thorough, deemed it “spam” and deleted it.  Pursuing the dialog on the Wikipedia discussion page, so we’ll see.  My first venture into the world of Wikipedia editing … interesting.

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