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My current front burner project has been the development of, a site which allows Kindle owners to easily convert epubs from the vast library of public domain works scanned by Google and have them show up on their Kindle.

I’m a little bewildered however that among the 50 odd folk who have registered for it so far, almost none of them have actually used it to convert books for themselves.

This suggests three possible explanations: 1.) The site is too complicated, and people don’t know what to do once they register (or, alternatively, they get bored trying to figure out what to do); 2.) The Google collection is so vast and overwhelming, that people don’t know where to start; 3.) “Most” people aren’t really that interested in non-classic works (i. e., works that you can’t already get for free from Project Gutenberg, etc.) published before 1923.

Possibly all of the above … it’s on my “things to do” list to record a Camtasia video walking users through the steps.

I’m also somewhat trying to publicize a little better … last week I added a link from the Wikipedia “Kindle” entry, and I’m trying to run a Google AdWords campaign, but my Ad is in “review” for the last two weeks because I use the Kindle and Google trademarks …

We’ll see what happens.

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