More re: iPad

…well I post my iPad, iShmad note and then come across Jason Perlow’s Why I Will Be Getting an iPad listing all the reasons to get one … he includes “great ebook platform among them”. This is the same Jason Perlow who recently decried Kindle, Sony and Nook in his posting Stink, Stank, Stunk.  It’s interesting to note that Jason (who I recall amiably from the days when he covered the Santa Cruz Operation, a former haunting place of mine) is in the category of users who simply are not appreciative of the difference e-ink makes.  I’m tempted to suspect that perhaps they don’t really sit down and read for any length of time, but the real truth is probably … people are different.  But those who don’t appreciate the difference shouldn’t dismiss it either.  The real question is, what is the market overall going to do?  I suspect there are plenty of Jason’s out there that will keep Amazon from having a total lock on the ecosystem … which is a good thing, we’ve already seen some changes out of Amazon.

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