Go Alice Go!

The first title published through BLTC Press was Alice in Wonderland — published in format meant to exemplify the standard I was shooting for in ebook publishing. The Classic Sir John Tenniel illustrations were included, as well as the verses and other prefatory materials by Carroll; and finally, an editorial introduction to this edition. Through the Looking Glass was subsequently published in the same format, including the “Chess Problem” posed by Carroll.

Anyway, just wanted to crow a bit and say these titles are enjoying quite a little run near the top of the list for Alice titles for the Kindle – fueled indeed by the lastest round of new Kindle sales (which seem to be holding quite well) and, of course, the release of the Tim Burton Alice.

Of the film, I have to say it was like a mash-up of Alice and the Lord of the Rings, with some Wizard of Oz thrown in. Mildly entertaining, but really far from faithful to the spirit of the Alice books.

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