Conversion process seems to be experiencing some issues, look to see this resolved Sunday October 20, 2013.

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Back on Track

Retroread has been chugging along “more or less” on autopilot for several years now, merrily converting books when and as folks felt the impulse.

For the past few weeks (unobserved by me until brought indirectly to my attention), the system has been silently failing when it tries to store a converted book in Amazon’s S3 storage … which means that although everything “looked” right, the titles sent were … empty. The last 45 titles during this period have been deleted — I have captured the titles and will as time permits try and re-submit them for conversion.

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Topped 4000!

The 4001 converted ebook was created today … and, contrary to my understanding, it is still updated into the RetroRead Google Library … maybe the upper limit is 4100 or some such, better double check!

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Back on line … (Retroread)

(face red) … apparently during some system migration at hosting site, some config file failed to update, leaving lnclude files not found and so on.

Should be working again, will be keeping an eye on things, please ping me if problems.

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Problems with Retroread site

… having been minding the store closely lately: apparently as of June 5 there is a problem with conversion failing.

Will try to resolve asap.

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Converting files you can’t find with Google search through RetroRead

For some reason (hope to resolve), the Google Books search API used by RetroRead does not always return the same results as a user searching directly on books.google.com — with the result that a user finds a book on Google, but can’t convert.

There is a “backdoor” url:


That allows you to manually upload a file from your desktop (you need
to be logged in). So if you find a file on books.google.com, download it to your desktop, log in, then go the /gbif/ url and in the header there is a file upload button; click the button, find the file on your desktop, and the file will upload and convert, and be delivered per your configured delivery settings.

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Kindle app for Android

With the proliferation of Kindle clients, we get questions on all kinds of devices. Here’s directions from one user on moving Kindle files to their Galaxy tablet:

” I connected the cable between my Galaxy and my desktop and synchronized the two. Then, I just moved the books from the folder on my desktop to the folder for Kindle on the Galaxy and they moved there just fine. No downloads, just a simple move.”

Thanks, Robert!

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service update

.. experience outage Sunday December 11; forced reboot by AWS which yours truly was not quite on top of, should be fine now.

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Notable in passing: in Memoriam Michael S. Hart

Founder of Project Gutenberg Obituary:

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Finally tweaked the site so that the “new” method of directly fetching books from books.google.com is the default/standard way of doing conversion. The original download/upload interface remains available at http://www.retroread.com/gbif/

Enjoy and please advise if there are any issues!

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